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somebody shut me the fark up.

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You are certainly right in that this has to do with the way people respond to posts. Just not in the way you think, it seems.

When I joined the forum, "No pics, didn't happen" was the norm and was good natured ribbing. I got it many times. I was never offended. Apparently, some were - or some did it abusively, or whatever. So, the Poobah called B.S. Great. I do see it rarely, usually in the Woodpile.

As far as MOINKs, I think that also was good natured ribbing. I have been one of the ones pointed out the fact that CAPITALIZATION is the norm and standard. The man who "invented" them named them, "MOINK Balls" and I think it is a matter of respect to him to do as he asked. If you don't want to call them MOINK balls, then use "bacon wrapped meatballs" or some such.

That being said, I don't know of anyone other than a handful who have had a problem with what is usually a gentle, tongue in cheek correction.

Since I have been asked not to say, "No pics, didn't happen," I don't. If the higher ups here ask us to stop asking for proper capitalization, I will. But, I don't see why people are so sensitive about it. Can someone enlighten me?

Originally Posted by TN_BBQ View Post
I think my point is more similar than you may realize. For one, it didn't take you but about 2 hours to connect the dots and reply with capital letters.

Maybe I need to do a little more research, but I'm not sure I've seen many posts with the word moink in it that somebody didn't chime in about capital letters (and I gathered the point of this thread is to sorta curb folks from chiming in to posts and not necessarily about photos).

I had a great cookout last weekend, but didn't take pictures. Response = no pics, didn't happen

I made some moink balls. Response = make sure you use your capital letters properly

To me, they are very similar (both speak to how folks respond to posts).

This is all subject to interpretation, but so are the no pics, didn't happen comments.

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