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Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post
You are incorrect, sir! This is not to devolve into a discussion about moink balls, MOINK balls, or capitalization issues, no matter how much Larry likes it.
Please. Stay on topic.
I think my point is more similar than you may realize. For one, it didn't take you but about 2 hours to connect the dots and reply with capital letters.

Maybe I need to do a little more research, but I'm not sure I've seen many posts with the word moink in it that somebody didn't chime in about capital letters (and I gathered the point of this thread is to sorta curb folks from chiming in to posts and not necessarily about photos).

I had a great cookout last weekend, but didn't take pictures. Response = no pics, didn't happen

I made some moink balls. Response = make sure you use your capital letters properly

To me, they are very similar (both speak to how folks respond to posts).

This is all subject to interpretation, but so are the no pics, didn't happen comments.
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