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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
BIGGEST TIP: Be careful. Deep fried turkey has increased the number of Darwin Awards greatly over the years. Make sure you don't have too much grease in the pot. Well before loading and heating, put the bird in, just cover with water then remove the bird. Note or mark the top of the water at THAT level and put only that amount of oil in. Spilling hot oil all over the propane flame is dangerous!
Good luck!

Originally Posted by Terry Knife View Post
Wear good gloves and lower it very slowly into the oil.
Originally Posted by JD08 View Post
Simplest safety tip of all:
Extinguish the fire while you put in the bird and relight once it's in.
That way if there is an overflow, there isn't a resulting huge fire.
I've never had a problem with starting a fire by lowering the bird in very slow and even backing it up if the oil starts to roll but this tip is brilliant, turn off the fire how simple is that, I'm gonna start doing that as well
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