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I'll give this a go, scores on appearance (obviously);

Chicken - 7
skin looks rubbery to me, doesn't look like you put a rub on the skin, the color looks like standard chicken skin. I like the idea of the breast at the top, maybe remove the 2 thighs next to breast so it doesn't look so crowded

Ribs - 8
pretty uniform in size, maybe a light glaze of a finishing sauce would make them 'pop' or a spritz of apple juice to give them a nice gloss. ribs looks the best of these entries IMO

Pork - 7
not a fan of the pulled, stringy stuff but that's just me. slices look ok and chunks could have been a little larger, chunks should feature bark and meat, again, a nice glaze or spritz to lighten 'em up

Brisket - 7
some burnt ends look fatty, slices could be a little more uniform in size, if you're against using any sauce maybe a light baste of some au jus if you're using it, the brisket kinda looks dried out. Like Lake Dogs, trim the fat from the slices, it's not that noticeable from the photo's but the slice 5th up from the bottom you can see a fat layer on the bottom.
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