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I read every post in this thread , took me about 2 weeks of spare time , very informative. Some may ask was it worth it? Definitely , I have a really good understanding of how these thing are supposed to work , what problems I may run in to , and how to get around them. About half way through the thread I started noticing people (who obviously hadn't read the thread) asking questions that I knew the answers to , even without building one as of yet , because of the wealth of information I'd gathered already just from reading it. Tomorrow my father is bringing me two free unlined hydraulic fluid drums , they were closed head but the heads have been removed with a drum deheader. I already know my weber lid isn't going to fit directly on top , my father measured the barrels and they're 23" across , so my intention is to used the bottom third of the second barrel to fabricate a lid. As far as the rest of the build , I'll be keeping to the free materials theme as much as possible , I'm unemployed , and this thing needs to be ultra cheap.
Mike Price
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