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I spoke to Mr. Parker the man who sells the smoker and he reassured me that the liner was burnt out. I will double check again and post a pic. (I need to learn how t post pics on this site first) Has anyone here bought or has seen a smoker from White Arc Smokers?

On Ebay where he sells some of his drums it states:

"...Our smokers start life as a food grade barrel containing a corn syrup. We then burn it at a high temperature for several hours to clean everything out....

...The smoker then undergoes two coats of black high-temp paint. The smoker is ready to cook as soon as you get your hands on it...."

I checked it out again when I got home but to be honest what the hell do I know if there is a liner. Although I will say this, when I was smearing Crisco all over it, the bottom of the lip that folds in wasn't smooth as if a protective coating. But like I said what the hell do I know.

After my convo with Clint, reading the description on ebay and I emailed some buyers for their opinion I am confident that I do not need to worry too much. Perhaps I will do another burn when I have the time using a dozen or two logs I have for the fireplace just to be safe.

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