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Originally Posted by gaspipe1 View Post
From my understanding a liner is plastic correct? The inside of this drum is all metal.. The second picture where I hold a tape measure to the inside of the drum showing the spacing between the rack screws. But you guys got me nervous now, lol. I will take a razor to it and make sure there is no liner. Like I mentioned before the white stuff is Crisco that I smeared on to season it.
No, the liner is some polymer that is applied to the metal before the drum is rolled if I recall correctly. It is essentially a very tough "paint" that keeps the barrel contents from reacting with the metal. Food grade barrels have this liner to keep the food safe. At normal temperatures it is more than safe. The concern occurs when you introduce heat. This is also where the debate starts in regards to safety. Many will say that it is perfectly safe at smoking temps and they are probably right. However, I am more concerned with the random chaos that is always a possibility. Lets say you get a big flare up or some hot coals fall down to the bottom and are sitting directly on this liner. This potentially could release unwanted fumes. Many will argue that there is no real threat until you reach excessive temps (similar to the galvanized argument). Personally, I choose not to risk it if I have the choice. As I said before, this is especially true if I was purchasing a product.
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