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Hmm, is that a liner in there? Do you know what the barrel held before it was converted? Yes there is plenty of debate about liners and whether they are safe or not. Personally I prefer to have drums with out them or with them removed. This would be especially true if I were paying money to someone else for the product. Not to mention the ramifications should someone get sick. Who do you blame and who assumes liability? Even with "clean" drums this is a major reason I have yet to sell a UDS. I have made some for friends that paid for the parts and such but if you sell them as a commercial product you assume liability.

Other than that it looks like it should work fine. In regards to temp control, I have found it always varies a bit. There are just too many variables that go in to a cook to dictate a certain setting on the intakes. Just a few will include ambient temp, wind, charcoal (both type and how its loaded), rack fullness, how you start the fire, etc. Basically I am just saying to not expect it to run the exact same every time.

Your food looks great and congrats on a new toy. Also, I am assuming that the lower rack position is designed to hold some sort of water pan/diffuser/heat sink should you find you want to use one.
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