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Regarding my first cookout on it: it was great. I didn't have much time so I did a basic rib meal. Veg Oil and that rib rub and that was it, an hour before the smoker. That was the 1st time I trimmed my own ribs, I think I need some more practice. BTW the one larger piece that I trimmed away from the BB ribs was insane. Had barley any bones and tasted great! Plus I got to eat them a lil sooner. As far as I am concerned that right there should be the new McRib! The ABT i used a sharp cheddar and cream cheese wrapped in apple smoked bacon which was nice and thick. Then I sprinkled paprika and that's it. I did nothing to the chorizo sausage. I had all these apps smoke on the grill for 2 hours.

BTW I didn't want to do anything to the ribs b/c I wanted to taste them dry to appreciate the smoke and the juiciness of the meat w/out sauce. Was amazing, each time I lifted the lid during the 3-1-1 there was moister on the lid. The meat was really good and moist. And I didn't spray w/ apple juice, nor did I jazz it up w/ butter and honey while in foil.

Can't wait to do some more Q!

BTW TY mnmgri4 for your help w/ my ribs!!!!
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