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Default UDS White Arcs Smoker review

OK I finally broke my UDS in and here is the deal. This post will be details of the drum and what I have seen so far.
It's a black 55 Gal drum with 3 rack position, top rack is 5" from the top, the 2nd rack is 5.5" from the top rack. And the lowest rack is 6.5" from the middle rack. There are only 3 air intakes (as opposed to 4 as I have seen elsewhere) 2 nipples and 1 ball valve. The intake holes are 3" above the lower lip from the outside. Now let me try and post some pictures. (seems I am going to have to learn how to do this so for now I am going to include a link to flicker for my pics)

My only issues was 1. the hole for the thermometer was too small needed to redrill a larger hole. 2. the washer that holds the ash plate was too small and easily comes off the firebox. Other then that this UDS seems like a great deal for someone who doesn't have the time to build one themselves.
I think the two racks that came with it along with the thermometer are a lil less then great. But that is easily replaceable down the line. All the welds seems great, has 4 wheels on the bottom that glide nice. 2 strong handles on the side and a large handle on the lid.

No holes on the lid other then the two caps as an exhaust. And to be honest I think w/in two more cooks I will have mastered the temp control on this puppy. Seems one open nipple and a half closed valve has me set on 225. Also the lid was really nice and snug, no smoke leaking from the sides at all.

The fire box is 12 wide x 12.5 long x 11 high (hight is measured from the outside) also you will notice that there is 2 inches from the ash tray to the bottom of the firebox (so if you measure the hight from the inside it will be 9" <11"-2">) Btw the handle on the firebox is really nice and secure.

I hope I am maken sense, it's been a long day, but if there is any questions pls ask! I would like to thank this website and it's community for my UDS. To be honest I never considered a UDS untill all the people here recommended it and my wife said no way we're spending 1700 bucks on a stump! Guess I shud go thank her too... No worries Stump, my next one is all you.
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