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Default An UK metal craftman is developing smoker and he bought my patent

Originally Posted by WaywardSon View Post
Your smoker may be the next big thing...and I agree with you on one point, simple is good. However if you are going to publicly trash competing products you would be well served by learning something about them. I didn't learn everything I know about BBQ on the internet. I have however cooked on an FEC 100 for a couple of years in running a concession trailer and BBQ catering business, and have never encountered any of the "problems" you allude to. No problems with pellet feed or smoke control...just fire it up and it does it's job. Well.

Also, you can run the FEC 100 without being plugged in to household current. It is easy to light without power and can be run off of a car battery/inverter for quite a while as it only draws about 400W while running.

All that said, I am always interested in different styles of smokers. Tell us more. Pictures are good:-)
Most information is also from this UK people.
He does extensive study of pellet smoker and market investigation.
He says all pellet smokers have the same problem, i.e. over smoking.

Now I understand that he is right and wrong.

He or most UK people simply does not like taste of heavy smoking.
So he think all pellet smokers are over smoked.
Personally I agree with him. I download many pictures from Internet.
I can find heavy black layer on the surface of meat.
I also over smoked some beef to compare it with Internet pictures.
Also there are topics about soot inside smoker on
Soot can drop to water pan, it also can drop on your food.
Soot is condense of smoke. If there is soot inside smoker, your food must be over smoked.

200 years ago, average life span is 26 years. If one died in his 30's, he must be thought as old man. Now if one dies in his 50's, we all think it is pity.

Sometimes we may need to think a little more, we accept something, do we like it, or do we have to accept it, or do we taught to accept it, or do we simply follow the trend.

The auger feed pellet smoker works this way, to supply pellet and fresh air for one minute, then stop 3 minutes, then repeat the cycle. What is happening during the stopped 3 minutes. During the stopped 3 minutes, there must be pellet inside burning pot, you can not burn it out otherwise the fire will die. be sure the last seconds fed pellet will not burn out.
During the stopped 3 minutes, there is no fresh air blown in, but still there is some oxygen left inside the smoker, there must be insufficient burning, in turn
there must be smoke. Can any one control the smoke. Can any one control smoking strength of your food.

Personally I agree with UK guy. You can mix wood pellet with charcoal. You can control smoke by different rate of pellet and charcoal.

But can auger work with charcoal pellet. I guess charcoal pellet will be too brittle for auger.

Also pellet smoker manufacturer claims temperature fluctuation under 3 F.
But UK guy says that he finds temperature fluctuation about 20 - 30 C.

You may have a typing error, power of pellet smoker must be 40 w, not 400 w. When you talk inverter, it is more as household current than battery.
You can also use a diesel generator.

My smoker needs power of 10w maximum, usually 5 w. You can use a 12 V DC battery directly. Unfortunately my thermostat temperature controller needs electricity.
My smoker can also work WITHOUT electricity, but you have to regulate temperature manually.
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