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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
On the Build a UDS comment,

I'm thinking it was an ironical reference to the whole thread. It's hard to tell in cyberspace though.

"Build a UDS" is an ongoing joke here. Since the answer to every question asked in the Brethren is "build a UDS" there is always a chance that it will pop up sooner or later (Anthony Wiener Mod).


Q: "Hi everybody, I have $1000 to spend on a grill. I already have a smoker, but I'm looking to buy a nice grill for making steaks and chicken, any advise?"
A: Build a UDS and spend the other $990 on brisket. I know you said you already have a smoker but another UDS will be good."

Q: "What is better, a Klose offset or a Spicewine for comps"
A: "Build a UDS"

Q: "Why does brisket suck?"
A: "Build a UDS"

it is the end all be all of cookers ya know.

Now to stay on topic, even a brisket cooked in a UDS is barely worth eating.
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