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Originally Posted by OakPit View Post
Why all of the California bashing? I've gotta chime in - name a beef cut that is worse than brisket...No other cut chews up more fuel, time and rub to come out only marginal. I cook them cuz I have to - not cuz I want to. Almost every other cut is both more flavorful and easier to prepare. This is not a regional thing to me, it is generally accepted that brisket is a low grade cut of meat. And the idea to cook something for its "Fat" is interesting, Why not just get a lump of lard and season it up?

Please give me any other cut from the cow...especially a nice plump Tri Tip even with all the fat left on...still better in my mind.

A respectful .02 to those who love brisket, just not my preference.
How do you want to define low grade? Brisket, butt, and to a degree ribs are all tough fatty cuts of meat that need to be cooked right but to me I don't think they're "worse" than other cuts on the animal. And then we go to the flip side and people go nuts for beef tenderloin which I think is very bland.

Now that said in general I find that I get bored of well done beef roasts like brisket or chuck far sooner than I do pulled pork.
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