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I'm not a brisket fan either. The only time I cook it is at comps and that is because I have to. My scores usually reflect that lack of effort as well! A friend of mine loves it though so whatever I have left after vending at comps I give to him and he's like a kid at christmas.

But I gotta say it is funny seeing peoples panties get in a bunch as if by stating that brisket sucks is some sort of cardinal sin. Insults about being "Californian" are tossed around like we don't know anything about BBQ is pretty rude actually. Not sure why I'm sticking up for California since i hate this place with a passion but it's no different than asking someone from the south if they're inbred. They get pissy if you start throwing Deliverance jokes around but it's okay to make fun of Californians and their avacados. Ah great now I need to go scold myself for sticking up for Californians. I never thought the day would come. What next, I sign up for Nancy Pelosi's newsletter? It's like a mold growing on me. I gotta get outta here.

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