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Originally Posted by bluetang View Post
Well Tim, here goes it. I'm not a brisket aficionado to start with, I've had a few here and there, mostly dry and not so good. A friend from Tx cooked the best I've had to date. He has since moved back to Austin. I'll eventually give it a try myself sometime though. With that being said, I think the most highly overrated cut of beef is...........The Tenderloin! Whew, I actually said it. Since the tenderloin is a muscle of posture, it does nothing for a living so no wonder it is the most tender of all muscles. I think that's all it's got going for it. To me, it does not have near the "beefy" flavor of other cuts. I'd take a ribeye over a tender any day(unless of course, you're buying). I feel purged.

Definitely a good argument, but I would take a mid rare seared Tenderloin over sliced brisket any day of the week.
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