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Originally Posted by huaco View Post
I seasoned my UDS and had a few problems. I did not have a very large fire. I was able to get the UDS to well over 230 for several hours. But... to do that I had to open all three bottom vents. I did not have an exhaust stack on it at the time (Since then I got a 10" pipe and screwed in the 2" bung). Could not having an exhaust stack cause back draft and smoke come out of my bottom vents?
Yeah, without an exhaust hole, you would have a problem. You need draft to get the intake air to fuel the fire. Did you have just the bung hole opened at least? Having the pipe wouldn't make a difference, as long as you had some sort of exhaust port.

With your 2" pipe in there, you should be fine. Try it again. You should be able to get to 300+ degrees with all three vents open and enough hot coals to start out.
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