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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Your smoker may be the next big thing...and I agree with you on one point, simple is good. However if you are going to publicly trash competing products you would be well served by learning something about them. I didn't learn everything I know about BBQ on the internet. I have however cooked on an FEC 100 for a couple of years in running a concession trailer and BBQ catering business, and have never encountered any of the "problems" you allude to. No problems with pellet feed or smoke control...just fire it up and it does it's job. Well.

Also, you can run the FEC 100 without being plugged in to household current. It is easy to light without power and can be run off of a car battery/inverter for quite a while as it only draws about 400W while running.

All that said, I am always interested in different styles of smokers. Tell us more. Pictures are good:-)
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