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Default Blueberries & Barbecue Callahan, FL (FBA)

OK--None of the teams have checked in yet.
I figure they are worn out and had to fight "Arlene".
So, here is how it came down (from the FBA website).

Congrats to Mike and the Woodhouse Gang for the GC
Kevin (HomeBBQ) shined in Ribs and Pork. I know he and Clara are a bit frustrated this season--but it is still a fine showing
Chad and I will trade places with them anytime And, we have told them that!

Dont know if any of the other "Brethren Teams" were there--Jimmy. Tim. help us out here!
Lots of tough competetion in the FBA this year.

Grand Champion - Woodhouse Grill - 729.13336
Reserve - Buzzard's Bait BBQ - 727.74999
3rd - - 721.28335
4th - Gator Grates - 712.85001
5th - Hammer's Catering - 707.46665
6th - Swamp Boys - 702.99998
7th - Squeals on Wheels - 702.11666
8th - Junkyard Dogs - 702.06666
9th - The Dixie Boys - 700.33335
10th - Backwoods Boys BBQ - 699.28334

1st - Smokin' & Drinkin
2nd - DW Kountry Cookers
3rd - Smokin' Steves
4th - MJ Budget Busters
5th - Florida Boys
6th - Bill & the Dixie Chicks
7th - The Dixie Boys
8th - Swamp Boys
9th - Buzzard's Bait BBQ
10th - Hammer's Catering

1st - Buzzard's Bait BBQ
2nd -
3rd - Woodhouse Grill
4th - Barbecue Crew
5th - The Arsonists
6th - Junkyard Dogs
7th - Kick the Tire, Light the Fire
8th - 2 Greyhounds Smokin
9th - Pappa G's Porker From Paradise
10th - Swamp Boys

1st -
2nd - Smarr Cooking Crew
3rd - Woodhouse Grill
4th - Buzzard's Bait BBQ
5th - Gator Grates
6th - Backwoods Boys BBQ Team
7th - Florida Boys
8th - Hammer's Catering
9th - Kick the Tire, Light the Fire
10th - Squeals on Wheels

1st - Woodhouse Grill
2nd - The Dixie Boys
3rd -
4th - Hammer's Catering
5th - Gator Grates
6th - Buzzard's Bait BBQ
7th - Texas Outlaw Smokin' BBQ
8th - Prime Time Smokers
9th - Swamp Boys
10th - Kick the Tire, Light the Fire
This puts the "Team of the Year" standings at:
Overall Grand Champion
1. Woodhouse Grill 125
2. 114
3. Kick the Tire, Light the Fire 44
4. Prime Time Smokers 40
5. The Dixie Boys 38
6. Big Daddy's Butt Rub 34
7. Jack's Old South 32
8. Junkyard Dogs 28
8. Squeals on Wheels 28
9. Buzzard's Bait BBQ 26
10. Gator Grates 25
Looks like a final "race" between Mike and Kevin!
I can only wish them both the best

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