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Great contest!! Weather was OK,typical southern summer weekend(a few showers fri. night and hot and muggy. Sat.wasn't too bad).Had us moved to a new area of the park.A little crowded but overall a good layout.
81 teams made for some tough competition.Good, strong finish for us(6th overall) :D .Still having trouble finishing good in all four catergories.Two strong finishes(chicken and ribs) and two middle of the road finishes(pork and brisket).Chicken(4th) and ribs(3rd) were perfect. New recipe on chicken really hit the spot.Ribs were the same recipe thats been working for a while.Pork..... :?(47th) what can I say, still haven't found what there looking for.We thought it had good flavor and texture.So we'll keep at it. Brisket(40th) I let it dry out. Didn't get good smoke penetration and had a bland pot roast taste.All things we can fix. .

Here's the rundown:
1. Whoop-De-Que, Troy Black, Fultondale, Ala., 652.5710
2. Paradise Ridge, Buddy Babb, Nashville, Tenn., 647.4284
3. Checkered Pig, Tommy Houston, Martinsville, Va., 643.9996
4. Moonlight Smokers, Doug Pyron, Lewisville, N.C., 641.1426
5. Music City Pig Pals, Lee McWright, Nashville, Tenn., 639.4284
6. Willy T's Dixie Smokers, Gaffney, S.C., 638.8566
7. Hickory Knoll Cookers, Roger Aydelotte, Franklin, N.C., 638.8564
8. Team Cackalacky, Page Skelton, Chapel Hill, N.C., 638.2852
9. John Boy & Billy Big Show, Carl Lewis, Charlotte, N.C., 638.2852
10. Too Hawg Nutz, Mike English, Taft, Fla., 634.8566

Whole Hog
1. Oink, Cackle & Moo Too, Tullahoma, TN
2. Big Daddy's Butt Rub
3. Allnighters
4. Too Hawg Nutz
5. Palmetto Bar-B-Que Company
6. Alltel Sizzlers
7. King's Cooking
8. Finish Line BBQ
9. Texas Rib Rangers
10. Bone Heads

1. Firehouse, Deland, Fla.
2. A-Team
3. Green Eggs & Ham
4. Willy T's Dixie Smokers
5. Roeshy's Stone Mountain Squealers
6. Clyde's Up-N-Smoke BBQ
7. Too Hawg Nutz
8. Checkered Pig
9. Pampered Pig
10. Moonlight Smokers

Pork Ribs
1. Whoop-De-Que, Fultondale, Ala.
2. Music City Pig Pals
3. Willy T's Dixie Smokers
4. Paradise Ridge Cooking Team
5. Pig-Me Cooking Team
6. Big Daddy's Butt Rub
7. Silence of the Hams
8. Moonlight Smokers
9. B.S. Pitmeisters
10. Lost Mountain Bar-B-Que Company

1. Pit Dog Barbecuers, Asheville, N.C.
2. Roadrunner
3. Hickory Knoll Cookers
4. Blue Ridge Brewing Company
5. Moonlight Smokers
6. I-Que
7. Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang
8. Team Cackalacky
9. Boot Hill BBQ
10. Pigs In Heat

1. Courtney's Lowcountry Boys, Clover, S.C.
2. Checkered Pig
3. Lazy Bones BBQ
4. Allnighters
5. Music City Pig Pals
6. Paradise Ridge
7. Wood Chicks BBQ
8. Smoke, Sweat & Tears
9. Silence of the Hams
10. Whoop-De-Que

Anything But
1. Finish Line BBQ, Hendersonville, N.C.
2. Tennessee Butt Rubbers
3. Sue E. Pigg
4. Cookin' For Us
5. Texas Rib Rangers
6. Red, White & Que
7. Woods Chicks BBQ
8. Too Hawg Nutz
9. Moonlight Smokers
10. Oink, Cackle and Moo Too

Governor's Trophy
Moonight Smokers, Lewisville, N.C.

Booth Award
Drunken Parrot Heads, Lynn, N.C.

Willy T.
Willy T's Dixie Smokers
Smoked Up & Sauced Carolina Style!!!!

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