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My competition rub (which was developed before he began marketing Yardbird) happens to taste very similar as it ends up. I will say this, to begin, it's much easier and much less expensive to just buy the Yardbird and see if it's something you like. If it's not, then you haven't wasted much money. If it is and you'll use it infrequently, you've saved a bunch of money. If you love it and want to use a ton of it, just write him. He may sell it to you by the pound. Our rub has probably 25 different ingredients+- and is a very expensive experiment...

I did this technique that I described above this past Memorial weekend for a group of friends. Oh, I also let them marinade overnight in a watered down mixture apple juice and worchestershire (with a gallon of water). Anyway, at the time when we broke the ribs open from the foil I sauced them and let the sauce bake on for 5+- minutes. Everyone started eating the pulled pork we had there while the sauce "set". I took the ribs out, set them on the counter, went to the bathroom to take care of business, came back and got a beer, only to find that 4 HUGE racks of babybacks were GONE. Apparently it started with 1 person pulling a few ribs, then the next, then they looked at one another saying "HOLY COW", and then the snarfing set-in. 4 racks of ribs, 8 people (mostly women by the way), 10 minutes, GONE. Later I got lots of comments from the folks who snarfed up the ribs saying "I remember from your last competition how wonderful the pork was, but DAMN those ribs are something else!". <blush>

Still wish they'd have saved a 1/2 rack for me....

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