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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
A good excuse (any excuse is a good one, isn't it?) to go to Bass Pro Shops would be to get a little Plowboy's Yardbird to put on those ribs. It's a FANTASTIC rib rub. Then apply your sauce in the last 10 minutes. Oh, we foil babybacks right at 1.5 hours. 250 degrees, usually 4 hours total, but the bend test is the way to go. Spritz them in the foil right before you close it up. We use apple juice and worchestershire....
Funny you mentioned yardbird beacause its been driving me crazy wanting to try the stuff. I have been doing a lot of research about rubs, and this stuff has such a huge following. It might change my mind about buying a rub instead of making one.... I sure would like to have a copycat recipe of the yardbird, but that would not be fair to a fellow bretheren if the recipe leaked.
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