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Originally Posted by Rover >~<> View Post
i always hear 225 degrees when talking about temps but it seems ribs might benefit from slightly higher temps even up to 275 as just stated . My main worry is that they will come out dry and chewy when i really want melt in mouth texture.
thats why you spritz. keeps them moist. 275 is ok for baby backs cuz they are meatier and have some fat to em. kinda like me! haha.

If you want really tender, cook at 195. takes for frakin ever but they are oh so tender. 225-275 is a great range. Foil does help make them tender, its like a steam bath BUT you risk the chance of makin em mushy and to tender. So if you do foil. go lightly(not the medical product) or you will have rib soup!

Here is a link to a fellow brethren who did some awesome ribs on the kettle

good luck
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