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Go with you original idea then add turkey legs to the menu. They hot-hold very well and that's something you are going to need to consider.

I find that turkey legs sell out big time! With a family on a budget they tend to look for the best bang for the buck, we post a big ol sign announcing the turkey legs (aprx) weight and price. It's easy math for the customer- Buy a 1/4 pound cheese burger or a 1 pound smoked fresh turkey leg for about the same price? Everyone sells processed burgers but turkey legs offer more for less and two people can eat off one.

Whenever anyone orders one the girls at the front start yelling "TURKEY LEEGEGGGGG!!! and ring the triangle. It's a huge attention getter. I even started autographing the finished bone then zip tied my business card to it. Bring it back tomorrow and we give you a buy one get one half price.

We try and make food fun at events like festivals.

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