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Default Advice on vending my first fair.

Our county fair is not huge, we are a very small rural community so its a great place to start. BBQ is almost un heard of and to be honest do not ever remember seeing a BBQ vendor at our fair ever.

I am mainly going to do pulled pork, chips and canned drinks to keep it simple.

I do have to submit a menu in the next few days and can not offer anything that is not approved on that menu.

I am wondering if I should add ribs and chicken to the menu in case I want to cook those some days, but have the pulled pork as the main offering.

I am guessing you do not HAVE to keep stock of each item but you can not decide to offer it if it was not already approved on the application.

For those who do fair's what do you offer and are there any items to avoid.

The nice thing about our small fair, is that the space is quite inexpensive, so will be great to get our cooking out to people for very little cost.
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