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I'm going to be cooking/vending approx 50-75 slabs (single bones) this coming 4th of July and was just thinking the same thing.

1. Stl or untrimmed/membrane on "natural"? I typically cook Stl trimmed, membrane removed and foiled. However I'm usually only cooking 4-6 slabs at a time.

My concern if I go "natural" is that the tips of the ribs tend to get a little dried out and tough before the ribs are fully cooked. What temps would you recommend cooking un-trimmed ribs at and typically how long does it usually take?

Could I cook them @ 300 for 4 hrs, sauce the last 30 min and be done? I was also thinking of cooking @ 275 for 2 hrs, putting the ribs in a pan w/ some AJ and steaming them for 1 hr, then back in the smoker for 30-45 min to sauce and firm up.

2. Also what is the best method of holding ribs to keep them in the safe zone (cambro, cooler, chaffer)? I was planning to cook them in batches of 10, staggering the start times every 1 hr to avoid any long periods of holding.

Any tips from the bretheren and experienced vendors are appreciated and welcome.

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