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Originally Posted by Mister Bob View Post
Very clever design, I love the reversible charcoal basket!
Originally Posted by SmokeOCD View Post
Do you hang the basket, THEN dump some lit charcoal on top? I'm sure it works great - it's just the initial thought of hanging a basket of lit charcoal from three chains. How about some pics of how you do that on a Q day?
Did my first cook on it this afternoon. I set up the hooks for "kettle" position. I used the basket like a chimney. I laid a few pieces of crumpled newspaper in the 3" portion of the basket then poured some unlit charcoal on top. I lit the paper and let it light the coals. Worked perfect! Once the coals were going I threw the top grate on and the lid to settle the temps down. Couldn't get any pics today, but I will next time!
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