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I've been making my own rubs for home cooking (usual load 2 butts, one brisket, then four racks of St Louis spares) for about ten years now, never bothered with any commercial rubs. Now that I am thinking about doing larger cooks and maybe going commercial I am wondering about my rubs but I hope to keep experimentation to a minimum. Maybe you all can help me with a few of the early decisions.

1) I always use freshly cracked black pepper. Anybody know if that is worth the effort?

2) I use a different rub for ribs than for butts. Does it really matter?

3) Chile powder, does anybody care? I used to make my own by grinding up dried chiles, toasting and grinding cumin, what a pain. Lots easier to just buy McCormick's. And, if it is just cayenne and cumin and salt, which are already in the recipe for the rub, then why bother?

I guess I am hoping that some grizzled veteran will tell me yeah, all those fancy rubs are bs, just use salt and pepper and sugar and cumin and cayenne out of those biga55 plastic jars from Costco. I am going to do at least one cook with some barebones rubs but I hope to get a little advice first
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