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Pics look good Mick.

So...I finally finished my UDS yesterday...let me tell you, it embraces the "U" in UDS
Pics coming soon.

Did a test burn last night, took it up to 300 for a while, held it relatively constant (first time ever with anything like this) and kept 300-320 for about 45 minutes. I thought, "Let's see if I can do 225..." Well, didn't quite work out like I planned. My rig has four 1" inlets, one of them comes up the side to a ball valve like many others have on here. In the effort to get it to come down, I think I ended up putting the fire out. I did make a few mistakes in the process, I managed to fluctuate the temps 100+ a couple of times doing things I knew better, but sometimes you just have to experience it to get the feel. I did get a few hours of burn out of it, but I think I read in a few other threads that I need to start with just a couple of inlets, and catch the temp on the way up, not down.

Otherwise...during the burn at 300, there was a nice blue smoke from the one small hickory chunk I put in, and had the neighbors out of their house, sniffing - "What's that I smell...??"

Thanks to all for the help so far!!!

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