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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Fantastic!!! I have been toying with ideas about how to raise and lower the charcoal for different applications. What is great about your's is that its very simple. Definitely let us know how it works out.

One thing I just though of that you might want to watch is the thin metal of the chain especially where you have tweaked it to insert the hooks. Add heat to the mixture and you might get a failure.
I will keep the brethren updated!

When I first saw the chain I was a little worried about how it will hold up. But after working with it I am pretty confident it can withstand some abuse. It is tougher than it looks. That said though, I would use a different chain next time.
Originally Posted by rondini View Post
Looks good. But here is a simpler way( I did this in my UDS). A few inches above my fire basket I drilled 3 grate holes. This gives me 3 levels inside my drum. This 3rd level can be used for a diffuser and I can set my fire basket on it. That makes my upper levels now grill time.
Only problem I see here is that you are limited to a working height. With the chain I have infinite flexibility. But I'm sure your idea works great too!
Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Looks like it works well! Congrats on a great build, bro!
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Great looking drum and grub!!! I really like the basket idea.

The kids bikes and helmets remind me of my garage...seems like I always have to move them around just so I can work on something out there.

Yeah the garage is a sore spot right now. I sold my first truck a few months ago to make room in the garage and organize. You see how well that worked!
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