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Talking Hunkified, yardbird rubbed, sauced, pecan smoked chicken on da menu

I had order some more Mad Hunky rub the other day and Rich was kind enough to throw in a bag of his new chicken brine for me to try. I decided to give some chicken wings a shot. I measure out 8 oz of brine for a half gallon of water per the instructions. I started the brine around 11:00 and was going to eat dinner around 6.
Here are some of the pics of what I did. I sauced half the wings with a Franks red-hot, some butter, and a pinch of Mexican oregano, and some cayenne powder along with some chipotle powder. All wings were sprinkled with some Yardbird rub, man I love that stuff for chicken.

Out of the fridge at about 5:00

first half on the wanna-be weber with a couple chunks of pecan

on the plate and ready to go.

My take on the brine and the cook:
First I love the flavor that came through from the brine. What you didn’t see in these pics is I left 3 wings with no sauce just a little yardbird rub. It came through a tad on the salty side, now I do think the cause of that could have been brining to long with such small pieces of chicken. After all these are wings, the taste like I said before was great and the salty-ness was great for beer consumption. Next time I will just not brine as long a time as what I did (at least for wings). Rich wasn’t around for me to get any of his advice before I started. Over all I love the taste and will use it as a go to brine when doing any poultry!!!!!! Great taste Rich !!!!!!!!

Now for the cook; I loved the hint of oregano came through in the sauce. Not near hot enough for me but I have some extra hot stuff coming from Paul @ beer-b-q-spices On the second batch of wings I did some of the franks sauce and then at the end hit them with some head country and those to center stage……Thanks for lookin
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