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Originally Posted by BBQpower View Post
Now I got the 30Gal drum for free and was Clean inside, to small for a UDS, someone suggested I do a mini but I was thinking of just using it as a firebox and putting a 55gal drum horizontally but then it won't be a UDS anymore Time to go find 2 55Gals.

First of all : Your 30 gallon drum is best suited to go with a 18 1/2 " Weber or similar Kettles for lids.

Where as the 22 1/2" is used for the 55 gallon drums.

For the Mini drum, 10 to 16 gallon size using the Weber SJ @ 14" dia. or similar made grills of the same.
Thanks I just figured most of it and look what I found for it!
A LID!! I just remembered picking this up on the side of the road!
It's cool when you find a clean drum one day and a lid another then pull the junk out and they go together!
To MINI UDS or not? I keep wanting to make a separate chamber smoker and wait for a 55gal drum. I may just throw this 22.5" weber on top of the 18" 30gal drum and make a separate chamber smoker.
Sorry to steer it away from a UDS but it may not become that. still no idea, ADD sucks.
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