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Default RD brisket better than Costco

I had my brothers coming in town for the Indianapolis 500 and they had heard about my "legendary" BBQ skills, so I decided to do a brisket. I decided to leave work early and drive downtown to RD, but got lazy and distracted and went to Costco instead. However, once inside I was disappointed in the quality and size of the briskets, so I ran out of the store and hauled arse for RD, hoping i would make it before they closed. Got there with 5 min to spare and picked out a 9 LBer.

Rubbed it up with a little Dizzy Pig, fired up the Egg and threw some hickory on around 7 AM. I was a littel nervous, as my probe had broke and I was having to rely on my instant read. When it hit 165, I foiled it and added some beef broth and worchestershire sauce and put it back in. Around 3, I poked it with the instan read and it went in like butta. So I pulled it and stuck in the oven on warm to let it rest. I went ahead and fired up some beans (h/t to patiodaddyo) and hoped for the best.

Flights were delayed, so I didn't get to cut into it until around 9. And I have to say, it was the best brisket I have ever made.

The point was juicy and full of flavor and the flat was as tender as I have seen. My brother said it was the best brisket he'd ever had. High praise from a guy who gets his prime meat from a top end NY purveyor. Needless to say, I will be shopping at RD for brisket from now on.
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