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Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
The cast iron grates are very nice.
What these grates are NOT good for:
I don't think these grates will lend themselves exceptionally well to indirect cooking unless its gonna be a cook that doesn't require additional charcoal.
I could be wrong here, but I'm guessing that the advantage of the additional mass of the cast iron grates acting as a heat sink will outweigh the disadvantage of easy charcoal access (using offset). Landarc, who is our kettle offset master, uses a cast iron skillet in his kettle offset arrangement to increase the thermal mass. I bet that the cast iron grates will accomplish the same thing, although he does add water to the pan also to increase humidity.

I just use a pair of tongs to lift a quarter of my cast iron grates off at a time to gain access to the charcoal.
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