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That slicer has a bunch of good reviews on and I watched a couple videos of it in action on YouTube so I might give it a try. What sparked my interests is when I was in Lowes today, I saw a Waring slicer and grinder that both looked good an each was $99. I came home and looked them up and the Waring slicer had a bunch of nightmare reviews about cleaning it. There weren't a lot of great reviews on the grinder either.

As for no end to the wishlist for the cooking hobby, I'm sure you are right. I just can't think of much else I would want at this point. Anything else would be a want rather than a need. I have spent a chunk of change in the last 45 days with the WSM, the One-Touch Gold, the BBQ Guru, a folding table for work outside, a 10x10 pop up canopy, a new carving knife and fork, a pizza stone and peel, cast iron grates for the kettle, a wireless remote temp probe, a wired pit/meat probe, custom lid handles by Marty Leach, a buttload of charcoal on sale, membership to this forum, and I have smoked over 50lbs of food just in the month of May. I know that's not much compared to many, but it is for me when I'm not feeding many people with my cooking (yet) :)

<= is having a good time anyway :)
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