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Originally Posted by MushCreek View Post
I'm not sure how the minion method would work with this set-up. It would have to burn in a circle (?) I start my fire in the middle, and it smolders its way outward. If you feel the middle is too hot, put a diffuser over it.
I was thinking about that. With the two ways I've seen the minion method done, I think it would only be possible to have a basket half full of unlit on the bottom, then put the hot coals on top for a top-down burn versus an inside-out burn like you do. This is all in theory as I have not even built my UDS yet. Some of the posts I have seen said that they burn through quite a bit more fuel w/ a diffuser. I am curious to see if this would elliminate the need for one. I think it would be easy enough to try, maybe use a coffee can in the middle and check the center temp with it and without it. Anyone want to try it for me?
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