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Originally Posted by enasnidx View Post
Got a question about the fire basket as I get ready to build my UDS. I've tried searching this, and I know somewhere I saw someone post about this, but I'm not sure I've seen anyone using this idea...

Has anyone made an "O" shaped fire basket with a cylinder in the middle to keep the charcoal in a ring instead of the full basket? Would this reduce the hot spot in the middle and aid in more even heat distribution?

I think I saw this idea as I was searching about heat diffusers. My thought would be to use an 18" charcoal grate, wrap the expanded steel maybe 8" high around, and put a "roll" of expanded steel, probably 5" in diameter, in the middle. Thoughts?
I'm not sure how the minion method would work with this set-up. It would have to burn in a circle (?) I start my fire in the middle, and it smolders its way outward. If you feel the middle is too hot, put a diffuser over it.
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