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Default Newbie here and have questions, help please.

Hi all, Am kinda new to smoking, built me an off set and what ever I did I seem to have got it right. Lol. Have fallowed lots of advise from here and all has turned out great! Thanks!
Now here is my questions, I thought I would try to do a brisket monday for my mom, 83 years old and never had anything but the trukey I smoked for her on thanksgiving, any ways I decided not to use the side smoker cause I just got a small brisket for the 2 of us, 3.22 lbs. so I bought a ecb for $5.00 and did all the mods as decribed in here, seems to work ok.Kept it at 200-225 for 2 hours with just 2 or 3 lbs of used charcoal. So here is where I need help, was reading on line that you shouldn't try n smoke a brisket under 6lbs, it will just dry out becaus so small, is this true? did I waste my money? If it can be done to be tender and good can any of you help me out and tell whats the best way to do it? PLEASE. Thanks and you all have a great holiday!
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