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FWIW, I think butts are better cooked around 300-325 degrees. The first one I ever did was on a Chargiller w/SFB, and my temps were all over the place (totally new to the whole thing). To date, that is, without a doubt, the best tasting one I've ever done.

I learned to do the 225 thing once I built a drum, but was never overly satisfied with the butt results at that temp. I started coming across guys cooking at a higher temp, and even winning comps that way, so I decided to try it. Results just kept getting better. I've totally sold on doing butts at a higher temp mow. Briskets & everything else I keep "low & slow", but not the butts.

Whatever you end up doing only matters to you. If you like the results, keep doing what you do.
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