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Try drizzling some veg. oil on the newspaper before you crumple it up... It will last a LOT longer and you will have more consistent starts on your chimney. Learned that trick from Alton Brown...

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That's just like my setup. Depending on how long I plan to cook, for example under 8 hours, I'll put just over a half basket in, and 3/4 of a chimney. I let that chimney get going really good, flames coming through to the top and pour that on top of the basket and set the whole thing in the barrel. If I'm cooking more than 8 hours, I'll go 3/4 on the basket and full up on the chimney. I'm using lump all the time.

I always start the chimney with two pieces of crumpled paper, and the last couple times have made a snake out of it and left the center open. In all my starts in the last couple months, I had a couple that didn't fire up, which is why I'm trying the snake method now.
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