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Originally Posted by parrothead
I think the problem lies in not having enough garage space. You NEED 2 trailers. One for work and one for play. You apparently live in a place that doesn't allow you to park a trailer outside?
Its not that I can not park anything outside, but I am one of those individuals that believes in taking care of stuff (Probably to a fault!!). If I spend a lot of money on something, such as landscape or Q equipment, it needs to last. If you asked my wife, she would say my biggest fault is that I try to make everything last forever! Now that doesn't mean that I am afraid to use my stuff, to the contrary, but I do like to keep things nice. As far as space, I will not be doing this on my own, but I do like to know all aspect of what I'm getting my self into. I cannot afford to buy a second trailer, and then let it set idle except for the few weekend of competition. Also, what I use for competition, I will use at home as well. I like the Spicewine or Stubbs cookers because they seem to be well built, cook well, and can be used in several situations. Also, these types of cookers are compact, as well as look good. However, I will not spend the money until I see them in action, and how they hold up after much use. I have by no means decided anything. You must realize that cooking is my hobby, and that although I will shoot for the stars, to "dominate the middle of the pack" would suit me fine. The input that y'all have given me has made quite an impression, and that is why I continue to ask for advice. Also, I would like to thank Tim for the suggestion of the Judging class, as that would give a great perspective. I look forward to meeting and eating with all of you!! Oh, and don't forget having a beer!
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