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Originally Posted by nmayeux
I will be at the Dillard Q this fall, and look forward to meeting some of you. I am not going to do anything very fast, except to enjoy the season and learn what I can. I plan on really becoming serious in 2006, but if I do not set goals, I will never accomplish anything. Also, I would not be as interested if I had not met so many nice people in this industry. Again, thanks for your help.
Noah, Great Decision
David and I can not show you how to win--but we can darn sure show you what is needed to dominate the middle of the pack in any level of competetion
Let me talk to Chad a bit and we will get together via email to make Dillard a good experience for you!
Also--find the first KCBS and/or FBA judging class within reach and get signed up! The class is a good start but you have to go Judge some to really see what kinds of Que is out there
Then it is up to you to produce a winning product.
I really wish I had done the Judging thing first--would have saved me a lot of time, $$, and frustration
Looking forward to meeting you!
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