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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Talking The I Took My Meds Buffalo Roast

Well Alright! I wound up marinating the shoulder roast over night (well, two nights...) and decided to cook it at a low temp - 220 - and bringing the grill up to 300 to finish. I put it directly over the coals to sear at the end when the IT was 130. Cooked some taters with the roast (Mini Yukons coated in EVOO) and grilled some zukes and mini onions - also coated in EVOO but with cracked black pepper and Todd's Dirt. Sliced it thin - about 1/4 inch - at the end. It was farkin' good! Not as tender as the strip steaks of course, as expected since it was a shoulder, but I'm very glad I decided to treat it like a very thick steak and not a roast. Here's the pics.

Redhot bought these little onions just for me.

Plated. Yum!

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