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Originally Posted by BellyBrotherII
KC, have one custom built, one Big Q station on a trailer that has 4 chambers for cooking and 4 fire boxes, then just light how many you want to use. Pork and Briskett. Light 2 fires, 2 diffrent temps, 2 kinds of wood. In fact I have talked to Spicewine on something like this for our next BIG BBQ Trailer. I am sure he could hook you up.
I'm not so sure I agree with BBII on this.......our pork butts and briskets have been doing quite well cooking together using sugar maple and cherry. By the time the ribs are ready to be added to the cooker, the butts and briskets are generally past the point of taking smoke, or already wrapped. At this point, switching to a different wood/woods combination really isn't an issue.

I'm a firm believer that the chicken needs to be cooked in a hotter cooker than what you would be doing ribs. So, maybe I could agree with two separate cooking units on a trailer, but I think you need the hot spot, or direct heat to firm up the skin before turn in. The second unit would almost need a removable water pan.

Don't throw the Blue Goose and the Uniflame out yet! We got **** going on with them!! And, I got a lot much money tied up in them thar Spicewine thermometers!!
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