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Scott--here is my nickle.
It seems to me that "most" of the serious contenders use one cooker. They are using the temp variations in the chamber to get different temps for different meats. And--just my opinion here--even though beef and pork may have an "optimum" temp, I think a compromise in the middle will work just fine.
I bet they kick the temp up some when the chickie goes on- but just guessing on that.

The major "national" exceptions that I know of are "Mad Momma..." and the new little "Top Chick" who compete with a fleet of WSM's.
There are others who use multiple cookers, but I think single cooker teams are in the majority.

Chad and I started with the Dera and WSM. Added a second WSM for variety. TOO DARN much to keep up with! Way too much going on!
Our goal is to adapt to just the KingFisher.
One cooker with stable and predictable smoke/heat is our goal here.

The dominate teams down here use one cooker. Kevin uses a Lang 84. Mike primarily uses a Southern Yankee, but has added a Stumps (I think it is a Stumps, at least that genre).

I do not see teams using different woods--maybe they do--but there is only one "stack" and it is all the same most of the time.

Chad and I are experimenting with different flavor woods for the Chickie.
All of the other meats are either in foil or past the temp to absorb smoke flavor anyway when the Chickie goes in. Easy to throw in some different flavor woods then. Still working on the details of that while we get ready for Dillard in Aug.

I am sure Jim or Ray or some of the more experienced competetors will check in to help with all of this.

Great topic!

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