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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
assuming you're doing st louis, you are probably undercooking them. 250 for 6 hours with 2 hours in foil.

Taste - do they taste like spicy candy on a stick? If not you can add rub and heat and add lots of brown sugar, honey and butter when wrapping. It may take you 3 or 4 cooks to get it down but then you'll see higher scores. Of course the ribs taste like S*&T when you eat more than a couple of bites.
I'm cooking back ribs that are trimmed down to around 2.0lbs....I can assure you they aren't under done, possibly over done, but not under and I assumed that they tasted exactly as you said "candy on stick"....the judges just don't seem to be tasting the same thing I am. Guess its time to change to st. louis, that what everyone seems to be cooking.
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