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Got all my ducks in a row... Finally got 2 drums this morning. $5 a piece! Closed head with 2" bung and a small port of some type. I flipped the drums over and both ends of the drums measure 23" Dia. to the outside of the rolled lid.

I want to use both the flat lid and my Webber lid for turkey cooks. I have my welder all squared away on what I want to do, I just need to open the drums up and burn off the light rust inhibitor. I peered into the bung and there was light surface rust on the drum wall. These drums held kerosene so no liners!!!!!!

I am thinking of grinding around the circumference of the rolled edge of the lid to separate it and still allow me to use the flat lids.

I plan to have:
-(3) 3/4" ball valves +1" from the bottom. 4" off bottom for use of an ash pan
-Coal grate at + 2" from the bottom.
-First grate at + 26" from the bottom. 24.5" off bottom
-Second grate at +31" from the bottom. 29.5" off bottom
-Top of drum head is +33.5" from the bottom.
-(4) 1" holes in flat lid for vent.

Does this sound like a good plan to you fellas?
After some consideration, I plan on making the changes in red

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