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It's getting close to our cook off so I wanted to post an updated list of teams who have either already paid or who have told me they are coming. We still have room for more, so get in your entry! Here is the team list below.

1. Smokin' T's
2. Bandit BBQ Crew
3. The Swine'os
4. Uncle Joe's
5. The Q Factor
6. 4 Smokin' Butts
7. Monster Que
8. Piggy Q
9. Charlie Daves BBQ
10. Angry Tom's BBQ
11. The Charcoal Cowboys
12. Sexy Q
13. One 2 BBQ
14. Bubba Joe's BBQ
15. Mascoutah Smokemasters
16. Brandin' Iron
17. JBJ's Ribs & Whiskey
18. TrueQue
19. Grumpy's Smokehouse
20. TR's Up In Smoke
21. Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ
22. Just Porkin' Around
23. QUAU
24. Smell That Smoke
25. Piggy Q
26. Rural Route BBQ
27. Big Blue BBQ
28. Papa Bearís Bar B Q

You can print out an entry form on the website
Entry is only $150.00

I am available to answer any questions anytime!
Hope to see you in July!

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