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Default Buffalo Filet with Buffalo Cornbread Pie & Asparagus

When I got home from travelling on Friday, I headed here.

Cause they have some of this (they even have Buffalo Etc.).

I put some corn and asparagus on the grill with some buffalo sliders.

That seemed to go pretty well - nobody started to paw the ground and moo (special cameo appearance by Q2).

With the little qs fed, I turned to Mom & Dad's meal. I browned some more ground buffalo in a skillet and charred some more corn.

I mixed the ground buffalo with some taco seasoning, black beans, and charred corn. I put the ground buffalo, bean, corn mixture in a loaf pan.

I made up some corn bread dough, topped the loaf pans with the corn bread mixture and put in the oven at 375F for 25 or so minutes.

While all that was going on, I broke out the big guns.

I rubbed down the filet with a little bit of olive oil then seasoned with coarse black pepper and very course kosher salt. I put it on for a hot sear - about one minute per side. I then moved it over a single layer of coals in the middle of the weber and covered for about seven ish minutes. After I pulled the steak, I tented it in foil for about five minutes.

Fork shot->

Buffalo filet plated with the buffalo corn bread pie and grilled asparagus marinated in EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the throwdown!
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