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Well, I asked my husband what he'd like to have before the Apocalypse. I was really expecting a typical male response , but he quite surprised me when he said "I'd like to get drunk and have a BOINK." Thank goodness for this Buffalo Throwdown, otherwise I never would have had the ground Buffalo to make him the BOINKs that he requested.

I rolled some buffalo balls and seasoned them with some Foil Hat Rub and Lawry's. I really wanted to cook them on the grill first, but the grind was very fine and I was afraid I would have to scrape them off the grill with big groves in them so I pan seared them first.

I wrapped them in bacon and smoked them over oak

I mopped them with some Loempia sauce. Then I served up some BOINKs for my husband with a mojito, just the way he likes them.

In typical male fashion, they were gone before ya' knew it .

Looks like time's running out. I'm going to get my husband, so I can get what I want before the Apocalypse.

Thanks for looking, and Happy Apocalypse everyone!
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