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Awesome contest.41 teams.We had a blast.Man, we cooked alot of BBQ this weekend. Had to bring the big cooker outta competition retirement. I think we ended up cookin: 56 peices of chicken,18 rack of ribs,10 Boston Butts, and 14 briskets. I think I've met my Memorial Day cookin' quota :D .
We finished good in two catergories(Ribs 6th & Brisket 9th),and not so good in two(chicken33rd & Pork 26th).Finished Overall 20th.The chicken has got me stumped.Went back to the recipe we used to finish in the top ten with.Pork I can't get the flavor.Just tastes bland (to me).Gives me something to work on :D .

Got a friend to enter amatuer division.He cooked like a pro and finished grand champion in amatuer.I better look out :D he might be with the pros before long.

Here's the results:


1 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
2 Texas Rib Rangers
3 Piggin & Grinnin BBQ
4 BBQr's Delight
5 Kick Back Cove Racing & BBQ
6 Checkered Pig
7 Lake Wylie Smokers
8 Late Night Whiskey Smokers
9 BS Pitmiester
10 Kp's Cowboys Cookers


1 Smokin Oakies
2 Home on the Range BBQ
3 Smokey Mtn Smokers (tn)
4 Kings Cooking
5 Old School BBQ Team
6 Willy T's Dixie Smokers
7 Governor's BBQ
8 Whoop-de- Que
9 Lazy Bones
10 Big Green Eggomaniacs


1 KP's Cowboy Cookers
2 The Woodhouse Grill
3 Chat-n-Chew BBQ
4 Checkered Pig
5 Late Night Whiskey Smokers
6 Governor's BBQ
7 Marshall/Firebonz
8 BBQr's Delight
9 Courtney's BBQ
10 Piggin & Grinnin BBQ


1 Smokin Oakies
2 Big Show Grillin Team
3 Sue E Pig
4 Lazy Bones
5 lake Wylie Smokers
6 Smoky Mtn Smokers (tn)
7 Ceckered Pig
8 Kick Back Cove Racing & BBQ
9 Willy T's Dixie Smokers
10 Mtn Magic Country BBQ

Grand Champion

Checkered Pig

Reserve Grand Champion

Smokin Oakies

Backyard BBQ Champion

Smoke Junkeez

Willy T.
Willy T's Dixie Smokers
Smoked Up & Sauced Carolina Style!!!!

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